Mission & Vision of TerraGood

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TerraGood’s intention is to connect people with their local community by getting you out of the house, off the computer and helping your neighbors through volunteerism and consumerism. TerraGood is hoping to foster a love of your community by exposing more people to local opportunities.


How Can You Participate?

TerraGood is open to community members, non-profits and local businesses.
Together, we can make a positive impact where we live.

Community Members

Volunteer for local events and earn credit hours towards your account. The more hours you volunteer, the higher your tier raises which opens up bigger and better deals!. Locals, if you are looking for that competitive edge for your resume, the breakthrough bullet for your job or school application, want to earn significant discounts at your favorite places or just want to give back, find your opportunity to volunteer on TerraGood!

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Business Members

Post deals and discounts at various tier levels to incent volunteers to volunteer more and more, thus bringing them into your business later.
Businesses need every marketing channel available to reach customers online and by word of mouth. If you want to build your customer base, leverage your position to incentivize community engagement and/or build your brand by showing commitment to your area, TerraGood makes it possible.

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Non Profit Organizations

Post events and other needs that require volunteers. Watch as volunteers sign up to help make your event a success!
Organizations that hold volunteering events are always looking for locals and we are providing the best tool to find them. In fact, we are reversing the roles! Through TerraGood, locals are looking for you!

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Let’s Make this world a better place

Download TerraGood free mobile app avaiable on both App Store and Google Play. Have a look in below video to get a very brief overview of the app

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Alaina Pattillo

Founder of TerraGood

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Other organizations working with TerraGood
to promote goodness in community.


About Us

TerraGood is a first of its kind platform that connects locals with their community by focusing on the single thread that connects us all, people. We create meaningful relationships between volunteer organizations, individuals and businesses by motivating each group to seek the others out.

Contact Us

If you're a business, volunteer organization, or consumer interested please contact us at ap@terragood.com or +1 609-204-3433